Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today, I feel like a child standing unsure, scared at the side of a pool.  She is standing there filled with anxiety to jump in but also conflicted with the sense of exhilaration.  She has been in the water before but never has leaped from the side of pool entering the water with such abandonment of comfort.  As she weighs the fear and the depth of unknown, there is her father calling out to her.  Jump!! I will catch you!    Go ahead honey.  Do not fear for with my help you will be safe.  Through trust and the remembrance of the times she felt safe in his arms...she jumps.

I am that child today.  Daughter of my Heavenly Father.  I stand at that 10 feet mark on the side of the pool.  Full of fear of letting myself go.  Weighing - do I jump into something that is above my head and my own abilities.  There is my Heavenly Father calling jump daughter for I am calling you to jump.  He is saying with Him I will be safe that He will help me swim. 

Standing at the 10 feet mark.  I jump - stilled filled with fear but realizing that this is not of me but it is Him. 


I jump


Do you remember your first jump?  The first splash, when God called you into reaching others through blogging? 

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