Monday, December 31, 2012



"Savor" when used as a noun means to taste or flavor.  Synonyms for the noun savor are relish, spice, and zest.

"Savor" can also be a verb meaning delight in or enjoy.  Synonyms for the verb savor are appreciate, experience, like, know and relish.

But "savor" has a dual verb definition in which savor can mean value or highly.  The synonyms for this savor are words like admire, adore, esteem, applaud, appraise, enjoy, honor, love, praise, prize, regard, relish, respect and treasure.

Time.  Time goes by so quickly.  When we are confronted with daily life and situations that require patience time seems like it moves at a snails pace.  As a child, time seemed to drag.  The milestone ages could not get here fast enough.  Waiting for 12 until I could get my ears pierced, waiting for 14 to get contacts, 16 to begin dating, 17 to drive a car, 18 - woohoo freedom - graduation, my wedding day and then baby due dates.  Time stood still in anticipation of these events.

But as I reflect tonight on New Years Eve, time seems like it has gone the speed of light.  Somewhere between the birth of my babies, teaching my children, buy a house, illnesses, cooking meals, making sure everyone has clean socks and the dust bunnies are eradicated, time has passed leaving me wondering if I was really present.  Did I really show up everyday? 

Did I really notice when my son's head first reached my chin when he stood to hug me?  Or when they stopped needing a nightlight?  How did I miss the moment when their faces lost the little chubby cheeks and transform into a preteen?  All of these thoughts, left me feeling anxious.  I want to be present.  I want to make sure that I remind myself to focus.  But how?

A year ago, I ran across a post about One Word 365.  Instead of making a New Year"s resolution, you choose one word that helps you to remember your focus for the year.  It is your key, your reminder, your motto, your go to word when it comes to making choices that affect you and your family. 

My word for 2013 is savor.  I want to delight and enjoy all aspects of my life.  I want to adore, admire, treasure, and relish my sons and husband.  I want to find zest in my everyday, mundane tasks.  I want to experience my life not just do life.  I want to value and protect my family time from the busyness of life that I sometimes wrongly choose.  So Savor.  I will be reminded to choose savor when I become impatient, overwhelmed and over-scheduled. 

I will choose to Savor.  What are you wanting for 2013 - Freedom, to be more Intentional, Fearless?  What is your goal - to Praise, to be Thankful, Generous, Stronger, Healthier or Obedient?  

What is your One Word for 2013?  I would love to hear your ideas!

So Shine Sister Shine in 2013!