Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Self - Discipline Challenge

Ok....I'm in.........I'm taking the 21-day Self-Discipline Challenge!

I always have good intentions.  Big ideas on how to be more organized.  How I am going to have meals planned, my house cleaned, the perfect school day with hands on activities, volunteering, blogging and basically getting it all done.  I'm notorious for search for hours for the perfect printable to help me organize all those things.  You should see the stack of papers sitting still loose, unused, and disorganized in my blinder that is my "lastest" grand scheme Life Organizer.  

Then Crystal over at Serving Joyfully really got me thinking.  All these printables, ideas, good intention takes something more to make them takes Self Discipline on my part.  I have self-control pretty much under control but how about self discipline.  Now there is an area that needs major help.  

Beginning November 1st,  Serving Joyfully is beginning a 21 Day Self Discipline Challenge and this Sister is joining in.  The Challenge will be using 21 Days to a More Self Discipline Life by Crystal Paine.  You can get your hands on a copy for $0.99 over at Serving Joyfully between October 23 - October 25. 

Are you like me?  How many unfinished, great intention do you have sitting with dust bunnies on them?  Join me in this challenge to see what God has planned for us.  I love to see Him work!

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