Monday, December 31, 2012



"Savor" when used as a noun means to taste or flavor.  Synonyms for the noun savor are relish, spice, and zest.

"Savor" can also be a verb meaning delight in or enjoy.  Synonyms for the verb savor are appreciate, experience, like, know and relish.

But "savor" has a dual verb definition in which savor can mean value or highly.  The synonyms for this savor are words like admire, adore, esteem, applaud, appraise, enjoy, honor, love, praise, prize, regard, relish, respect and treasure.

Time.  Time goes by so quickly.  When we are confronted with daily life and situations that require patience time seems like it moves at a snails pace.  As a child, time seemed to drag.  The milestone ages could not get here fast enough.  Waiting for 12 until I could get my ears pierced, waiting for 14 to get contacts, 16 to begin dating, 17 to drive a car, 18 - woohoo freedom - graduation, my wedding day and then baby due dates.  Time stood still in anticipation of these events.

But as I reflect tonight on New Years Eve, time seems like it has gone the speed of light.  Somewhere between the birth of my babies, teaching my children, buy a house, illnesses, cooking meals, making sure everyone has clean socks and the dust bunnies are eradicated, time has passed leaving me wondering if I was really present.  Did I really show up everyday? 

Did I really notice when my son's head first reached my chin when he stood to hug me?  Or when they stopped needing a nightlight?  How did I miss the moment when their faces lost the little chubby cheeks and transform into a preteen?  All of these thoughts, left me feeling anxious.  I want to be present.  I want to make sure that I remind myself to focus.  But how?

A year ago, I ran across a post about One Word 365.  Instead of making a New Year"s resolution, you choose one word that helps you to remember your focus for the year.  It is your key, your reminder, your motto, your go to word when it comes to making choices that affect you and your family. 

My word for 2013 is savor.  I want to delight and enjoy all aspects of my life.  I want to adore, admire, treasure, and relish my sons and husband.  I want to find zest in my everyday, mundane tasks.  I want to experience my life not just do life.  I want to value and protect my family time from the busyness of life that I sometimes wrongly choose.  So Savor.  I will be reminded to choose savor when I become impatient, overwhelmed and over-scheduled. 

I will choose to Savor.  What are you wanting for 2013 - Freedom, to be more Intentional, Fearless?  What is your goal - to Praise, to be Thankful, Generous, Stronger, Healthier or Obedient?  

What is your One Word for 2013?  I would love to hear your ideas!

So Shine Sister Shine in 2013!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Allume - Me really? Are you sure, God?

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of information, meeting kindred bloggers that love Jesus and learning more about who God is calling me to be in Him.  

You see back in spring, my husband encouraged me to register for the Allume Social Conference.  I wanted to go.  I felt God leading me to go. But I am so new at etching my words onto pages for others to see my heart  how could I possibly fit in with this group of talented, gifted women.  

What could I possibly offer....... technical insight (not me),  
branding ideas (that's what we do to cattle) 
or any other blogging words of wisdom.  

So on Thursday, I anxiously, nervously, paralyzed by my own thoughts, writer "wannabe' entered into this unknown "girl group of blogging geniuses".   Asking God with each step to the registration desk, "Why am I here", "Is this really what your asking of me" and "God, are you serious".  

After God calmed my spirit and placed women in my path this is what I learned.

I learned, "Yes".  I found others that were just like me.  Others that were called by God to reach out, minister to and encourage others by the means of blogging.  These women were moms, wives, daughters, and grandmothers.  They were homeschooling moms, public school teachers, published writers, non profit creators, photographers, pastor wives, nurses, counselors, virtual assistants and almost every other professional out there.  

I found other women that have had struggles, disappointments, health issues, losses and messy lives.  I found women that are living through these now or have in the past and they are overcomers and victorious in Jesus.   These women, God has stirred a passion deep in their hearts to reach out to other women through blogging. 

I ask myself 4 days later, "Do I fit in?"  "Was I really meant to be there?"   The answer is God has been calling me to go beyond myself, see myself as He sees me and share Him with others.  So I would say yes.  

Yes, He wanted me to meet my other Sisters in Christ that He has called out and has stirred a deep passion for the hearts of other women that need to know Him.

I do fit it!  I encourage you that when you feel like you do not fit in somewhere.  Let God lead.  See yourself as God sees you.  Be that beautiful woman in Christ - Shine Sister Shine!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Self - Discipline Challenge

Ok....I'm in.........I'm taking the 21-day Self-Discipline Challenge!

I always have good intentions.  Big ideas on how to be more organized.  How I am going to have meals planned, my house cleaned, the perfect school day with hands on activities, volunteering, blogging and basically getting it all done.  I'm notorious for search for hours for the perfect printable to help me organize all those things.  You should see the stack of papers sitting still loose, unused, and disorganized in my blinder that is my "lastest" grand scheme Life Organizer.  

Then Crystal over at Serving Joyfully really got me thinking.  All these printables, ideas, good intention takes something more to make them takes Self Discipline on my part.  I have self-control pretty much under control but how about self discipline.  Now there is an area that needs major help.  

Beginning November 1st,  Serving Joyfully is beginning a 21 Day Self Discipline Challenge and this Sister is joining in.  The Challenge will be using 21 Days to a More Self Discipline Life by Crystal Paine.  You can get your hands on a copy for $0.99 over at Serving Joyfully between October 23 - October 25. 

Are you like me?  How many unfinished, great intention do you have sitting with dust bunnies on them?  Join me in this challenge to see what God has planned for us.  I love to see Him work!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 Things My "Allume Newbie" Friends Should Know About Me

I have worked through my major nervousness - thanks to the Allume Newbie Facebook Group.  

I am so excited to meet the amazing women I have connected with the past couple of weeks.  I have no idea what to expect or what God has planned for me but I am going in with a peaceful servant heart!   What I do know many of us will come away with a clearer picture of our ministries, new friendships, a deeper relationship with God and our hearts over flowing with joy from sharing.

As a new blogger, I have been tossing around intelligent words.  Words I might say when I introduce myself to others.  I can never think fast enough on my feet.  So just in case we do meet and  I am start fumbling for words here are some things about me.

1)  I love coffee.  Oh, coffee and dark chocolate.  Coffee, dark chocolate and cheesecake.

2)  I am a cowboy boot girl.  If I am not in boots, I am in flip flops or bare feet.  

3)  I am so excited that I am attending Allume but I have no idea why I am really there.  It's a God thing!

4)  My niche, my brand, how to do something technical on a blog - I'm completely lost and I am not the girl to ask but I am soooo willing for you talk my ear off about yours.  Teach Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

5)  I am leaving at home my hubby, our 9 and 11 year old sons, a mini schnauzer, a black cat, 1 rooster, 12 hens and horse.  I am a Pennsylvania Country Girl that is an Out West City Girl at heart.

6)  God is leading me to write and blog but I have not yet ran down that path.  I'm still tiptoe-ing asking "Why"? 

7)  I am shy, I like to think things through before I speak, so I will seem quiet at first but watch out.  I love to laugh and have fun once I get comfortable.

8)  I am not a morning person!  I may look at you blankly if we meet before 9:00 am.  Honestly,  I will hear ever word you say but my mouth cannot form words until after my third...ok fourth - cup of coffee.

9)  I will try anything once - which led me to do some crazy things like rock repelling off the side of perfectly good mountain, dirt bike riding on sand dunes, and downhill skiing slalom racing.  

And 10)  I am so glad to meet you.  I already think you are a beautiful, gifted and amazing  person. 

See you at Allume!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today, I feel like a child standing unsure, scared at the side of a pool.  She is standing there filled with anxiety to jump in but also conflicted with the sense of exhilaration.  She has been in the water before but never has leaped from the side of pool entering the water with such abandonment of comfort.  As she weighs the fear and the depth of unknown, there is her father calling out to her.  Jump!! I will catch you!    Go ahead honey.  Do not fear for with my help you will be safe.  Through trust and the remembrance of the times she felt safe in his arms...she jumps.

I am that child today.  Daughter of my Heavenly Father.  I stand at that 10 feet mark on the side of the pool.  Full of fear of letting myself go.  Weighing - do I jump into something that is above my head and my own abilities.  There is my Heavenly Father calling jump daughter for I am calling you to jump.  He is saying with Him I will be safe that He will help me swim. 

Standing at the 10 feet mark.  I jump - stilled filled with fear but realizing that this is not of me but it is Him. 


I jump


Do you remember your first jump?  The first splash, when God called you into reaching others through blogging?