Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Planning Your Day


I am going to let you in on a secret. 

It is one that I do not even admit to myself - until now. 

I am a Day Planner drop out.

There you have it.  I am.  I love Planners.  I feel so...organized.  So.....together.  I have bought commerical planners, used calendar software, downloaded pages and pages of beautifully designed planners.  But I somehow, fail to continue using them after a month. 

I thrive in a structured day.  I like organization.  But I give into winging my day, when I feel like I am bound and gagged by my schedule.  I end up accomplishing nothing and feeling disappointment in myself.

So what's a girl to do?  How does one organize their time?  How am I going to have time to get our homeschooling done, house clean, meals cooked, exercise class, time for ministry work, cutting coupons, grocery shopping, family time, grown up time and have time to write for my blog?

Enter one of the best resources that has helped me (drum roll).....Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews.  Amy finally made it click for me.  I realized all these planners that I have invested in are not the key to managing my days.  I am the Key.  I am the one that is responsible for making my schedule.  I'm Telling the hours and minutes in my day how they are going to work for me not the other way around. 

All I did was download Amy's book, made notes and a game plan as a read.  Easy Stuff!  Now I have a time schedule of when to clean, family time, school and the best reward - time for writing without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else.

Now I can use those cute Planners and actually accomplish something!

What planner do you like to use to manage your time because I think I need another one?

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  1. I have been using my Outlook calendar...which has been good as it sends reminders to my iphone...but I actually think I work better with a physical planner...I may be looking for one too! Let us know if you find a good one. ;-)
    I downloaded Amy's book...thanks for the reminder to actually read it now! I'll see if it helps get me back in the right mind frame for setting my agenda for my days instead of falling back into the 'tyranny of the urgent' chaos...

    1. Gay, so glad you stopped by today! Girl, I hear ya! I really like my Calendar App on my Phone because I can send reminders to my husband. But I think I better manage my home and school with a physical planner!
      I hope Amy's book helps you as much as it did for me. I actually keep my schedule on my frig to serve as a reminder of my time. Amy recently posted a video on her blog about her book - if you haven't already you may want to check it out.
      Again, thanks for stopping. I really enjoy connecting with my readers!

  2. Hey Nellie, I just downloaded Tell Your Time last week. I really enjoyed it, also. I'm hoping to better with my time this year. We will see! :) Blessings!

    1. Jacqui - that is so awesome! I hope you find it as helpful and encouraging as I did!
      You will let me know what you think after you read it!
      Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy seeing your smiling face pop up under my comments!

  3. I have a planner but I too am a dropout and I TOO love to plan, love a schedule, love organization.

    Why is it so hard to do it all?

  4. Great question, Alyssa! I have wondered the same thing. For me, I am such a detail person so I plan, plan and plan myself right in to overload. By the time I am done planning my details I am already overwhelmed that I end up scrapping my plans. Hope that make sense. It has been a life changer for me to recognize that about myself. Plus, I can be terribly hard on myself if I fail at meeting my "to do" list because life happens.
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Shine Alyssa Shine today!